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Spaying and neutering of dogs and cats:
prevents the needless killing of homeless puppies and kittens.

Spaying Females: eliminates annoying heat cycles, uterine and ovarian cancer.

Neutering Males: reduces roaming, marking territory and reduces chances of prostate cancer.

Dogs & Pickup Trucks

Although, dogs love to feel the wind rushing by their faces and thrill at the chance to ride in the back of a truck, it is very dangerous and often will result in death of your animal. A recent killing involved a dog in the back of a pickup with no gate on the back. The truck was driving down the highway, made a lane change and the dog fell out. If the fall alone doesn't kill the dog, the on coming traffic will. Dogs don't have the ability to hang on the way a human would. What's worse are those who leash there dog in the back of the pickup, or (can you believe this) to the top of the pickup or toolbox. While this may seem safer, if the dog fell out, he hangs himself on the leash fighting for his dear life while you breeze down the highway.

Donít tie your dog to the bumper and forget that the dog is there. Your dog can not run that fast!


Known Poisons for Dogs & Cats:
Holly Berries

Cats Are Safer and Happier Indoors:
Cats may love to go outside, but to save their lives, keep them inside. Although, cats are smart, alert and adroit, they are no match for the many perils that await them outside. Consider these threats: hit by a car, injury, poison, attacked by another animal, diseases, traps, parasites, and cruel people. Cats can be completely happy inside if you provide them with toys; good care and lost of love and attention.