260 Rachal Dr.
Bridge City, Texas 77611
Phone: 409.735.6801
Fax: 409.735.3349

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Bridge City Wastewater Treatment Facility is located on Bower Drive, approximately 2,000 feet southeast of the State Highway 87 bridge over Cow Bayou within Bridge City in Orange County, Texas.

The treatment plant is an activated sludge plant. The plant is rated at 1.6 million gallons per day (MGD) and actual flow is averaged at .9200 MGD flow. Treatment units include six sewer lift pumps, two of which are storm lift pumps. Pre-treatment units include fine mesh screens and a grit chamber. Aeration units are two complete mix activated sludge units. Final clarifiers are two rectangular units and one forty-foot circular tank. There are two chlorine contact basins. There is one thickening unit and an aerobic sludge digester. The solids are processed through a de-watering box or sand drying beds, and then hauled to the landfill. There is also a sixty-foot storm water clarifier and storm chlorine contact basin. The plant staffs two operators licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.