Click It or Ticket Campaign

About "Click It or Ticket"

The Bridge City Police Department teamed up with the Texas Department of Transportation for the annual Click It or Ticket campaign May 22nd through June 2nd, 2017. The purpose of this program is to reduce traffic injuries and death in our community due to people, forgetting, or just refusing to use their safety belt.

Safety belts were one of the first pieces of safety equipment mandated by the Highway Safety Act of 1966 to be standard equipment in every automobile. Since the enactment of the law, in addition to seat belts and shatter proof glass the automobile industry has invented padded vehicle interiors, crunch zones, and now smart airbags, all to protect the occupants of the vehicle. We have also seen the requirement of better protection of our children through the use of child passenger safety seats. The only piece of equipment that requires a choice is the use of safety restraints.

During the 14-day operation, our patrol officers dedicated 48 hours to this life-saving effort. Through our efforts the local compliance rate increased by 10.2%.

The Bridge City Police Department is dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of our community and we believe lives were saved during this operation by our efforts.

Thank you,

Paul T. Davis
Chief of Police