Juvenile / Minors

State law defines a juvenile as a person who is at least 10 years of age, but younger than 17 years of age, who is charged with a criminal offense. A minor is a person between the age of 17, but younger than 21 years of age.

Parents or legal guardians of juveniles (age 10 to 16) must accompany their child for legal proceedings in the Bridge City Municipal Court. A summons will be sent to the parents and/or guardians with an appearance/arraignment date.

Parents of minors charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Public Intoxication by Minor must appear with a minor ages 7 through 18 years of age for all court proceedings.

School-Related Charges

The Bridge City Independence School District files charges of Thwarting Compulsory School Attendance on the parents of enrolled students who have missed three or more days or three or more parts of days of school attendance that were not excused. The parent must appear in Court with the child to answer the charge. Fines or other requirements may be assessed upon Conviction.

Once the child has reached the age of 17 years, a charge of Failure to Attend School may be charged against the child rather than the parent. The child will then be required to appear before the Judge to answer the charge.

If a student commits a misdemeanor on campus, the BCISD may file charges in the Court. Common charges are:

  • Assault (physical or by threat)
  • Disorderly Conduct - Vulgar, Abusive Language / Obscene Gesture
  • Theft under $50
The student will be summoned, along with parent if 16 or under, and must appear before the Judge to answer the charge.