Services & Fees


The City of Bridge City Animal Control Officer provides services to the citizens of bridge City for the following:

  • Animal Disturbances: Barking, Noises, Odors
  • Animal pickup
  • Animals Bites
  • Cruelty towards Animals
  • Loose Livestock or Wildlife
  • Stray Animals

Impoundment Policies

Stray pets are held for 72 hours and may be available to the public for adoption.

Please remember it is against the law if your pet is not wearing City tags. City tags also help if your pet becomes lost.

An impounded dog which is not claimed by an owner within the three days following the day of its impoundment may be released to any person for a fee. The decision to place an animal for adoption is in the sole discretion of the authorized custodian of the animal shelter. Reclamation fees may apply.


  • Impoundment is $5 for the first day and $4 each additional day. Each additional offense increases.
  • Surrender fees are $5 per adult and / or $15 per litter for Bridge City Residents.