Pet Codes

Bridge City Pet Codes

City Dog License

A city license tag must be purchased for each dog, which an owner maintains. This tag may be purchased at the Bridge City, City Hall (260 Rachal) or Animal Shelter (Sewer Plant Road, across from the Middle School). The charge is $1 per tag, per year. A copy of the most recent rabies vaccination certificate is required. Rabies vaccinations and license are to be acquired annually. The City license tag helps locate lost owners.

Leash Law

The property owner is responsible for their pet. The City of Bridge City requires that all property owners must have 100% control of their animal. Your pet must be on a leash or in an enclosure at all times.

Vaccination Against Rabies

The owner of each dog kept within the City of Bridge City shall have every dog vaccinated against rabies by the time the dog is four months of age and once each year thereafter.

Insurance of Tags & Certificate

Upon vaccinating any dog the veterinarian performing such vaccination shall deliver to the animal's owner a numbered metal tag and a certification of vaccination.

Wild Animal Prohibited

The maintenance, keeping or possession of wild animals within the limits of the City of Bridge City is prohibited, unlawful, and declared to be a nuisance.


To obtain a copy or ask questions about the City of Bridge City leash laws, please call the Animal Control Officer at 409-735-5028 or the City of Bridge City's City Secretary at 409-735-6801.