Service Termination

Reasons for Service Cut-Off

Water service may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to arrange payment of a returned check
  • Failure to meet applicable provisions of law
  • Failure to pay bill by 28th of each month
  • Failure to pay extension or installment plan payment agreement
  • Failure to pay security deposit
  • Tampering with meters
  • Theft or diversion and/or use of services without payment
  • Unauthorized connection to the water supply system
  • Vacancy of premises
  • Violation of rules and regulations pertaining to utility services
  • Willful or negligent waste of services due to improper or imperfect pipes, fixtures, appliances, or otherwise

For emergency utility services after hours or weekends contact the Bridge City Police Department at 409-735-5028 there is a utility service technician on call at all times.

Service Agreement

I. Purpose

The City of Bridge City (hereafter referred to as “City”) is responsible for protecting the drinking water supply from contamination or pollution, which could result from improper private water distribution system construction configuration. The purpose of this service agreement is to notify each customer of the plumbing restrictions that are in place to provide this protection. The utility enforces these restrictions to ensure the public health and welfare. Each customer must sign this agreement before the City will begin service. In addition, when service to an existing connection has been suspended or terminated, the water system will not re-establish service unless it has a signed copy of this agreement.

  • Restrictions. The following unacceptable practices are prohibited by State regulations.
    • No direct connection between the public drinking water supply and a potential source of contamination is permitted. Potential sources of contamination shall be isolated from public water system by an air-gap or an appropriate back flow prevention device.
    • No cross-connection between the public drinking water supply and a private water system is permitted. These potential threats to the public drinking water supply shall be eliminated at the service connection by the installation of an air-gap or a reduced pressure-zone back flow prevention device.
    • No connection that allows water to be returned to the public drinking water supply is permitted.
    • No pipe or pipe fitting that contains more than 8.0% lead may be used for the installation or repair of plumbing at any connection that provides water for human use.
    • No solder or flux that contains more than 0.2% lead can be used for the installation or repair of plumbing at any connection which provides water for human use.
  • Service Agreement. The following are the terms of the service agreement between the City of Bridge City (the Water System) and (the customer).
    • The City will maintain a copy of this agreement as long as the Customer and/or the premises is connected to the Water System.
    • The Customer shall allow his property to be inspected for possible cross-connections and other potential contamination hazards. These inspections shall be conducted by the City or its designated agent prior to initiating new water service; when there is reason to believe that cross-connections or other potential contamination hazards exist; or after any major changes to the water distribution. The inspections shall be conducted during the City’s normal business hours.
    • The City shall notify the Customer in writing of any cross-connection or other potential contamination hazard, which has been identified during the initial inspection or the periodic inspection.
    • The Customer shall immediately remove or adequately isolate any potential cross-connections or other potential contamination hazards on his premises.
    • The Customer shall, at his expense, properly install, test, and maintain any back flow prevention device required by the City. Copies of all testing and maintenance records shall be provided to the City.
  • Enforcement. If the customer fails to comply with the terms of the Service Agreement, the City shall, at its option, either terminate service or properly install, test, and maintain an appropriate back low prevention device at the service connection. Any expenses associated with the enforcement of this agreement shall be billed to the Customer.